Rider Profile

Tom Moosbrugger: Urban
Team: Columbus Metropolitan Library Cyclists
Years Cycling: 20 Age: 32
Height: 6'5" Weight: 200
Days/Month: 22 Miles YTD: 611 Days YTD: 89
Born: Ohio
Resides: Cincinnati
Favorite Food: Cheese
Favorite Ride: Oldie but goodie: Schwinn Continental
Why I Ride: It's faster than walking, comparably fast and cheaper than busing. It's way easier to find parking for a bike than a car, and much cheaper in Downtown.
My Commute: Either down Spring Grove and its factories or Central Parkway with its nice view of the Western Hills

Ride Log

Week of July 17, 2017 3 Rides  •  12 Miles
Thu 7/20 5 miles   Cincy Red Bike to the Northside Station 
Wed 7/19 5 miles   Cincy Red Bike to the Northside Station 
Tue 7/18 2 miles   Nation for lunch, Cincy Red Bike 
Week of July 10, 2017 7 Rides  •  32 Miles
Sun 7/16 2 miles   Arcade Legacy and C&D 
Sat 7/15 1 mile   BBQ 
Fri 7/14 12 miles   Down to Taft Theatre for CSO performance of Copland: Lincoln Portrait, Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, and some Bernstein 
Fri 7/14 1 mile   Cincy Red Bike to City Hall/parked car 
Thu 7/13 1 mile   Cincy Red Bike to PAR Projects from the Northside Station