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Columbus Metropolitan Library Cyclists

CEO Bike to Work Challenge 2012

CML was once again well represented at Consider Biking's CEO Bike to Work Challenge today! [Click here to see image] Four staff joined CEO Pat Losinski on the ride from Grange Audubon to City Hall, including Mary Holden, Mike Alcock, Paul Smith, and Michael Blackwell. We got a special shout-out from the Mayor for promoting wellness and Green transportation in support of Bike to Work Week and Consider Biking's 2 by 2012 initiative; for all residents of central Ohio to ride their bike to work, school, or on errands twice a month in 2012.

Second Annual Tour de CML

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Tour de CML on Sunday! We had a total of 21 riders, including the hardcore 7 who rode the entire 107 mile loop (finishing under the last vestiges of twilight at 7:30!). Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather! I for one will never forget crossing the Hoover Reservoir dam under pink and purple skies with fall foliage on all sides and the moon rising ahead!

A huge thank you to Don Stevens and Chad Garver for driving our sag wagon; to Fred Meyers and Property Management for making that support possible; and to Chris Tribbie, Wendy Turner and CML Wellness for providing the food and drinks along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you!

CEO Bike to Work Challenge

CML was well represented at Consider Biking's CEO Bike to Work Challenge yesterday! Seven staff including ELT members Dewitt Harrell and Kerry Bierman braved the cold and damp to ride with Mayor Coleman from Franklin Park Conservatory to City Hall in honor of Bike to Work Week and Consider Biking's 2 by 2012 initiative; for all residents of central Ohio to ride their bike to work, school, or on errands twice a month in 2012.

CML Cyclists continue to lap the competition in the Bike to Work Challenge and are among the top teams on Consider Biking's Ridenet site. It's not too late to join the fun! Log your bicycle commutes to and from work for the entire month of May. Just two days of bicycle commuting on Ridenet qualifies you for a chance to win prizes! Contact Nick Tepe for a Ridenet account or for more information.

Tour de CML

On a chilly morning at New Albany, 10 intrepid cyclists gathered to ride their bikes to every CML location. Through flat tires and headwinds they pressed on, joined at Northside by an additional 9 riders who followed along to Whetstone by way of Cleveland Avenue. Leaving friends at Whetstone they carried on to the west side, finishing at Dublin after 88 miles and 7 hours in the saddle, tired but proud!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on this beautiful ride on a gorgeous day! Special thanks to Steve Prater and Forrest Sorensen, and drivers Joe Greene, Vonzell Johnson, Greg Weber, and everyone else in Property Management who made it possible for them to be supported by a CML van and have access to the buildings for facilities. Special thanks also to Chris Tribbie, Wendy Turner and the Wellness Committee for providing food for the riders, and thanks to Michael Blackwell and the Green Team for their support of this idea. Given the positive response of everyone involved this might become an annual event, so if you couldn't ride look for the Tour de CML again next year!


A recent Wellness Committee survey indicated that 24 CML staff would participate in a bicycle ride to ALL CML locations this fall. Did you express an interest? Would you like to ride in all or part of the jaunt? You can meet the riders at a CML location along the way and go a short distance at your speed, or you can ride all 86 miles. CML cycling guru Nick Tepe, Wellness Committee, and Green Team are starting to form plans. The event will take place on a Sunday to be determined. We know that we will have a "sweeper" to provide spare tires, chains, encouragement and to be an escort, if necessary. Please email so we can gauge interest and include you in planning.

Log Your Rides!

We have another opportunity to help the local cycling community and bring attention to cycling in Columbus. Consider Biking has launched this website to help in tracking bicycle commuting year round, and have asked us to help in beta testing the site.

You can do as much or as little with your profile as you like. The most important part will be logging your rides. After logging in, you will be able to start tracking your rides using the button on the right or through the "Member's Area" section. If you know of anyone else who may be interested in using the site e-mail Nick Tepe and we'll create logins for them.

The site has a lot more applications that we can use it for in the future, such as scheduling group rides and sharing news and photos. Consider Biking is hoping to use the information from this site to track bicycle commuting in Columbus year round, which will help in increasing cycling awareness and tracking success in the 2 by 2012 initiative.

CML Wins Bike to Work Challenge

Thanks to your efforts, CML has pedaled to victory in our bracket in the Bike To Work Challenge, doubling the score of our nearest rival (details at CML Cyclists logged 148 trips, with Matt Carmean logging the most riding points. This victory means cycling guru Nick Tepe and Green Team member Michael Blackwell have to make good on their promise to dye their hair green. The result is the following, um, stunning fashion statement.

Why are Nick and Mike flashing V for victory signs? To celebrate our great victory, yes, but also to remind you of the 2 by 2012 campaign, in which every citizen of central Ohio bikes to work twice a month, making Columbus "Biketown, USA." See details and information on Consider Biking at

Feeling inspired to ride by CML's big win but don't own a bike? Check out Handy Bikes for inexpensive and convenient daily or weekend rentals.

Thanks from the Wellness Committee and the Green Team to all who rode or even celebrated others riding. And don't stop riding now that we've won. Take your space on the road, be safe, and pedal on for health, for sustainable living, and to make Columbus Bike Town USA.

CEO Bike to Work Day

On Monday May 17th, Patrick Losinski was joined by CML staff Tom Samson, Elisa Leahy, Nick Tepe and Michael Blackwell for the Bike to Work Week launch event and CEO ride. Patrick was one of 70 Columbus CEOs who rode from South Campus Gateway to Capital Square in support of cycling in central Ohio. Twenty-nine CML riders have registered for the Bike to Work Challenge, and their 63 trips so far have put CML at the top in the category. It's not too late to join, and don't forget to log your trips by Thursday, May 20. If CML wins in the category, Michael Blackwell and Nick Tepe will dye their hair green!

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  16 mile workout
Wednesday, May 1 • 77 days ago
  15 mile workout
Sunday, Apr 28 • 80 days ago
  13 mile workout
Tuesday, Apr 16 • 92 days ago
  15 mile workout
Tuesday, Apr 9 • 99 days ago
  15 mile workout
Sunday, Apr 7 • 101 days ago
  13 mile workout
Thursday, Mar 28 • 111 days ago
  14 mile workout
Wednesday, Mar 13 • 126 days ago
  16 mile workout
Tuesday, Mar 5 • 134 days ago
  10 mile workout
Wednesday, Feb 21 • 147 days ago
  17 mile workout
Wednesday, Feb 7 • 161 days ago
  14 mile workout
Thursday, Feb 1 • 167 days ago
  11 mile workout
December 21, 2023 • 209 days ago
  15 mile workout
December 15, 2023 • 215 days ago
  21 mile workout